Orange flavour 1000mg CBD Oil – 30ml Bottle


Imagine sitting in the Italian sun eating fresh oranges from the tree.  This Orange Flavour oil will transport you there.

One of our favourites.

Flavoured with natural Orange terpenes.

This is our mid-range strength CBD oil with 1000mg per bottle and 0% THC.

1000mg bottle minimum order 3 bottles


We also have this strength in Mint or Taste Free.

How to take

We recommend you take 1 full pipette per day in the morning.  Everyone is different, you may need more, you may need less but when you reach the desired effect you can stick with it. The amount of CBD per serving is 33.33mg. Place the full pipette under your tongue, and leave it there for 2 minute before you swill it around your mouth and swallow. This allows it to get into your bloodstream via the capillaries under your tongue.

N.B. maximum recommended daily dosage is 70mg of CBD.

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